Responsible Gaming

General description

We create games so that people can have fun and have a good time. We are aware that in some cases it leads to addiction. Therefore, the Responsible Game is really an important issue for BF Games. We want the entertainment we provide to people to reach the right age groups, that is, people who are 18 years of age or have reached the age of legal participation in gambling. Responsible game and conscious decisions allow BF Games to conduct a stable business.

BF Games is a licensed casino software provider in the United Kingdom. All of our games are developed in accordance with the highest standards and requirements set out by the regulating authorities. In business, we focus on cooperation with casinos operating on regulated markets and we fully support new regulations that impose important game criteria on software and casino providers.

BF Games as a provider of casino software (B2B) has no direct relationships with players. However, a responsible game is an important issue for us, therefore we provide our clients (casinos) with the proper support and tools they need.

How do we ensure game security, integrity and accreditation in games?

In BF Games games, including random number generators (RNG) used to randomly create the game results, are tested and certified by independent accredited test facilities (ATF). ATF verifies on regulated markets, on which we operate, whether our products meet all standards, including player protection, integrity and security.

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    Responsible Gaming

    As a leading provider of premium gaming solutions, BF Games strives to operate in a fully sustainable and responsible manner. You can read more about our efforts to ensure Responsible Gaming here: Responsible Gaming at BF Games

    All of our products are intended solely for persons 18 years older. Please confirm that you are of the legal age to proceed below.